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Channel Letters

Channel letters and logos have been being used for a long time in different businesses. They are easily visible what helps customers to locate businesses quickly and easily. Channel letters can be customized to fit any design, color, size, shape that you want or need, and they can either be illuminated or non-illuminated. There are two different choices for illuminated channel letters which are: LED or Neon. LED channel letters have become the most common type of channel letter used for businesses.


Type of Channel Letters:

Front Lit Channel Letters

Front lit channel letters are the most commonly used type of channel letter. The illumination from these types of letters is from the front face only and they can be either raceway or flush mounted. This channel letters have acrylic face and the colors for the face, return, and trim cap can all be customized for your needs.

Reverse Channel Letters

This type of channel letters is often called “halo” or “backlit”, they are mounted away from the wall causing the light to form a halo effect behind the sign. The distance from the sign to the wall that they are mounted on allows the halo to form around each individual letter which helps the reverse lit channel letters stand out more to the public. Instead of acrylic, reverse channel letters have a metal face.

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

Sometimes called " Dual Lit" channel letters. These letters release illumination through both the letter face (front) and the letter back. Front and back lit letters are a combination of regular and reverse channel letters. These letters can be illuminated with one or two colors in order to give them the effect you wish for.

Open Face Channel Letters

The face of this letter is usually open; although an optional clear acrylic face is also obtainable and uses neon illumination and painted insides and out with exposed neon inside to punctuate your letters.

Marquee Channel Letters

The Marquee sign letters are one of the most vintage and romantic style with metal vintage finished and it is perfectly suited for decorating indoor and/or outdoors businesses or even homes.

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