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True Flatbed Prints

IKON Signs uses modern technology for digital and direct printing. We are able to print your message or image with outstanding quality. IKON Signs is highly equipped with printing machinery that can print virtually on any type of surface such as, plastic, wood, vinyl and metal. The options available for printing are endless, True Flatbed printing is one of the different methods of direct print.

Direct printing enables you to print crisp text with full and vibrant color images with UV inks. Flatbed printing enables direct printing on firm substrates such as, acrylic, aluminum composite panels, foam board, wood, PVC and virtually any type of board. Most traditional printers have four color ink systems which are, Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, but our flatbed printer has a fifth color which is white that allows under printing for non-white media or objects, overprinting for backlit applications on transparent media and printing white as direct color. Direct Print is ideal for small or large construction signs, corrugated yard signs, wooden site signs for industrial, real estate or retail commercial sites. 

Cut outs will improve your store's display and help your customers have an exciting shopping experience. Our CNC router can cut complex shapes and our flatbed printing allow us to offer custom printing and cutting almost any shape.

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